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Handmade Knitwear and Children's wear

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Since 2005 Woolshed is successfully offering handmade children's wear for kids aged between 0 and 6 years old. Our products are beautifully produced by knitters and seamstresses across England and are made of high quality 100% natural yarns and fabrics.


Woolshed presents to its young customers a combination of traditional hand knitted garments in Classic Woolshed Collection, modern and elegant designs produced with unique world famous British Liberty fabrics and the new exclusive and limited edition coats and jackets of LuskA@Woolshed. These three lines of the new 2014 Woolshed Collection create a wonderful range of beautiful children's wear for you to choose from.


Woolshed Collection

Classic Woolshed Collection product range consists of cosy garments produced with love by our knitters from 100% natural wool, silk and cotton of famous British yarns brand Rowan. Beautiful dresses, cardigans and jumpers for babies, boys and girls are available in wonderful colours and designs. This collection also includes accessorises which will keep our little customers warm, comfortable and happy during all seasons!



Authentic Liberty fabrics are world famous for their exquisite patterns and high quality cotton. Our Liberty@Woolshed collection consists of shirts, ties and bow ties for boys as well as skirts and dresses for girls. Throughout the year these garments are the perfect fit for any occasion!



In 2014 Woolshed presents the first limited edition LuskA@Woolshed Collection, which consists of modern colourful and trendy coats and jackets for boys and girls inspired by the authentic styles of different European cities. All the garments come in bright and fancy colours and present a combination of different fabrics and yarns. We are sure that those unique garments will make our little customers stand out of the crowd!


We hope you enjoy shopping at Woolshed and would love to hear back from our customers and people interested in what we do. Please feel free to send us an email to hello@woolshed.co.uk or leave your comments on our Facebook page.


Your Woolshed Team